An Example to Follow

11 Nov

When I first heard of Shakira, she was a wild-haired singer with unique music. Years later, she is more commercialized. She has significantly conformed to mainstream society by dyeing her hair blonde, dressing more provocatively, and performing music that is accepted by more people. Additionally, she has made the crossover from singing Spanish songs to performing in English.

It would be easy to dismiss her as just another good musician turned pop. It would also be easy to say that in order to gain sales, she let herself become objectified as just another sexy Latina.

However, Shakira is much more than that. Through her popularity and her album sales, she has brought to the forefront the plight of the poor. She created the Pies Descalzos Foundation, and has raised millions to aid those in poverty and help educate them.

Shakira has gone mainstream, yes, but in my opinion, doing so has let her help more people in need. If she wasn’t as popular, she would not have the resources to do all the amazing humanitarian work she does.

This week, she was recognized as the Latin Grammy Person of the Year. Indeed, with her significant album sales and her humanitarian work, she is an example for all Latinas to follow.

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