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Feria Para Aprender

8 Sep

Growing up with immigrant parents unfamiliar with the U.S. education system was a challenge. I’m lucky to have always been a straight-A student, because though my mother always offered encouragement, she couldn’t be of much help when it came to homework, study habits, and later on selecting a University and processing financial aid. Latinos are intelligent, but without active guidance opportunities are often overlooked. This is why La Feria Para Aprender (The Learning Fair) can have a positive impact for Latinos.

The Feria Para Aprender is an event that occurs in Dallas, Austin, and Los Angeles. It is focused on educating parents about the U.S. school system. The Feria features a pathway that is segmented into elementary, high school, university, and career/workforce sections to inform parents of what programs are available for each section. Rather than just place tables together and have parents come to them, each booth includes Spanish speakers that are trained to go up to parents and actively interact with them. Additionally, children take pictures wearing a doctor’s smock, a spacesuit and a police uniform, among others. This is done so that even at an early age children can begin to see the possibility of becoming a professional. The event includes science, technology, engineering, and math demonstrations as well as speakers respected in different fields.┬áThe Feria Para Aprender focuses on the future and on empowering parents so that they can in turn guide their children to success.

The next Feria will be held October 8 in Miami, Florida for the first time at the Miami-Dade College.